Recruiting hearts and minds


Dorothy House provide exceptional quality, personalised care to people in the South West of England with a life-limiting illness. The need for hospice services has never been higher, but the organisation is facing a ‘war for talent’, exacerbated by recent global and national events.

Dorothy House needed to optimise their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and create an advertising campaign to attract and recruit more of the best people to high priority clinical and retail roles.

We undertook a significant programme of research to support this, taking insight from a diverse group of stakeholders via management workshops and employee depth interviews, as well as exploring current trends affecting the future of work.

To get to the creative idea we needed to identify the single most motivating difference a career with Dorothy House offers, whether that involves raising funds or giving care, whether in the hospice or in the community. The ultimate reward is a better quality of life – one with more joy and meaning and deeper human connections. For patients, their families and employees alike, this is what Dorothy House promises and delivers.

The added power of our creative solution is that it overturns a common misconception of those less familiar with hospice care: that it is all about death. In fact, employees’ day-to-day experiences are often hugely life affirming and life enhancing.

“Absolutely brilliant, honestly couldn’t fault them. Superstar by name and Superstar by nature!”

James Byron
Director of Marketing & Engagement
Dorothy House