Connected thinking for healthcare insights


Dovetail is an insights agency whose mission is to bring healthcare professionals and patients into the heart of pharma, so that together they can find solutions that work for everyone.

Dovetail came to us as they needed help to refine their positioning to make it easy for clients to see what they do and understand how they could help them.

And after 15 years in business, they also wanted to establish a clear set of brand values, behaviours and tone of voice to help guide them as their company grows, along with a new brand identity to better reflect their professionalism and personality.

We worked with Dovetail to define their brand DNA and clarify their core purpose – facilitating better healthcare through the power of connection.

The bright and bold new brand identity embodies their positivity, joyfulness and optimism. We created a new logo in which the classic dovetail joint shape, symbolising connection, is gently rotated to become a stylised speech bubble, reflecting the way Dovetail connect pharma, HCPs and patients together through discussion.

The power of connection brand purpose was carried through into the illustration style too, with continuous single line doodles used to accompany headline messages.

“We’re delighted with the re-brand. The Superstar team have used a combination of expertise and curiosity to gain a deep understanding of our brand, and creativity and care to express it visually and verbally. They genuinely care about doing a brilliant job and the whole process was smooth, supportive and agile. ”

Claire Munro
Founder and Managing Director