Making waves in the maritime ICT sector


Spectre Global are a digital ICT and infrastructure programme and project management company based in the UK. They primarily work with organisations in the maritime domain to help deliver increased security and safety within the maritime environment.

Spectre Global’s founder and CEO wanted a bold, timeless identity to convey strength and dynamism for the newly formed company, while offering a sense that they’d always been around. With the obvious reference to one of the ‘large secret organisations’ of pop culture in their name, Spectre Global were also keen to reflect a touch of that in their brand – a sense of humour being key in what can be (somewhat ironically) a fairly dry industry. Even a throwaway joke about Spectre signet rings for newly appointed staff or clients was keenly seized upon.

The Spectre Global icon itself fuses together an ‘S’ with a ‘G’ and encompasses a protected globe being circumnavigated. It also gives a nod to both the arced shape of a sextant, used since the early 1700s (and still required to be carried on large ships today) to help navigate the marine environment, and the rotation of a modern ship or submarine’s propeller in moving forwards.

(Sorry, we might have gone a bit ‘overboard’ on the rationale there – mostly it’s a super-cool, unique, powerful and distinctive ‘S’, you know, for ‘Spectre’.)

In a further nod to their covert namesake (to add an air of mystery and exude confidence), there is no wordmark. The words Spectre Global only appear within text or as part of the website url and in email addresses on stationery.

The striking red colour reflects energy and power, and helps give Spectre Global standout in the maritime sector, a category which is overwhelmingly blue and green.

The positioning line ‘ahead of the wave’ speaks to where Spectre Global are in the maritime ICT sector and where they‘ll help keep the organisations they work with. Their vast collective experience coupled with their access to new and emerging technologies will help ensure successful outcomes in a dynamic environment that’s constantly changing and evolving – both physically and digitally.

“Superstar totally understood us and our requirements from the start. They’re easy to work with and made the process a lot of fun. We couldn’t be happier with the impact we’re making and the results we’ve achieved so far. Super stuff.”

Andrew Harvey
Founder & CEO
Spectre Global