Helping busy surgeons save more lives


CORESS is a charity that aims to prevent adverse surgical events by improving practices and processes. This relies on surgeons sharing their experiences and the knowledge gained is then published, setting in motion a continuous cycle of reporting and educating.

During discussions with surgeons, it became clear there were significant barriers limiting reporting behaviour. The complexity of the existing reporting process, the fact it is non-compulsory, and the effort required, particularly at the end of a long day, meant that many surgeons just weren’t reporting adverse events. Clearly, there was a need for a simple, intuitive reporting tool to facilitate easy, in the moment reporting.

We designed a game-changing app which makes it almost effortless for surgeons to send reports to CORESS. Surgeons verbally record an incident, check the transcript and then upload their report, making the whole process of submitting experiences easy and efficient, facilitating use and helping to create a safer surgical future.

“Superstar have provided us the opportunity to make an incredibly significant difference with this very simple idea. It really will change the way we operate, and we are immensely pleased we had the chance to work with them.”

Professor Frank Smith
Programme Director & Chair of Advisory Board