Fancy dessert? Yes I am


For 10 years, Pots & Co have been hand-crafting restaurant-quality desserts in small batches and selling them, via supermarkets, for foodies everywhere to enjoy at home.

Facing a move out of their familiar ceramic pots and into glass, they were understandably nervous. It felt like a critical part of their identity was changing. Would their premium pud-loving brand loyalists understand? Would their desire be diminished? 

They realised their proposition had, over time, become unclear, and to regain confidence about the best way forward, they needed to:

  • reconnect with their core purpose
  • re-establish their fundamental brand assets 
  • re-ignite brand love by bringing to life their unique personality and voice 

Pots & Co came to Superstar for the smart thinking that would unite the team behind a motivating brand proposition and turbo-charge creative and communications in the future.

To inform the planning process, we ran a brand sprint with the team and undertook a comprehensive assessment of the competitive, cultural, and consumer landscapes, as well as a deep dive into the brand story and communications archive. 

We identified today’s most exciting white spaces, cultural trends and market opportunities that will help Pots & Co to retell their brand story in the most relevant and inspiring way.

In reconnecting with the brand’s core purpose and assets, their very DNA, we were supremely selective for the sake of clarity. Like the desserts themselves, only the very best ingredients should remain. 

The result? We have rebuilt an inspiring and focused brand purpose and consumer proposition, and a truly unique and exciting brand personality which will be a great catalyst for brand connection and future growth.