For an infinitely safer surgical future


Every year 11,000 lives are lost through avoidable adverse surgical events, in addition to £1 billion in treatment costs and £2.3 billion in litigation for the NHS. CORESS, a charity set up to improve safety standards in surgery, aims to prevent these adverse events by sharing lessons learned through anonymised reports.

CORESS needed to increase top of mind brand awareness and relevance in order to drive reporting behaviour among surgical teams.

To re-establish the vision and purpose behind CORESS’s origin story and rebuild the brand strategy, our discovery phase found that the focus needed to shift from what CORESS do to why they do it.

We created a new brand proposition and strapline to clearly communicate CORESS’s vision and purpose: ‘for a safer surgical future’, which served as the anchor for the redesign, incorporating the infinity symbol to represent the continuous cycle of reporting and educating.

Working closely with the CORESS team, we delivered an identity and complete set of brand assets that simply and powerfully convey their true purpose.

“The Superstar team comprises an excellent combination of pragmatism, specialist knowledge and evidence-based creativity. We were hugely impressed by their approach and suggestions. Highly recommended.”

Denis Wilkins
FRCS, Advisory Board Member