A brighter future for sustainable glazing


Since 1967, when Howard Yarnold first started trading via hand-written cards in shop windows, the firm has grown to become a multimillion-pound glazing solutions provider. With a specialism in supplying the education sector, Howard Yarnold’s reputation, relationships and customer service has always been at the heart of the business and key to their growth to date.

We were approached to help realise a bold plan: to establish Howard Yarnold as the leading ecologically responsible partner for glazing solutions, and to become best employer in the SME glazing category. 

To reposition the company and facilitate better customer connections, drive awareness and increase demand, we undertook a full rebranding programme covering research, strategy, narrative and identity.

Everything was built upon our core creative idea, ‘creating brighter futures’, which reflects Howard Yarnold’s commitment to sustainable glazing through greener technology, manufacturing and materials; their focus on the education sector and partnership programmes; their investment in staff, and of course, the light and life their glazing solutions bring to buildings.

The core creative idea was rolled out to a full manifesto, with coherent and consistent verbal and visual branding signalling Howard Yarnold’s commercial intent to the world of British glazing and beyond.

The new brand identity visually reinforces the ‘creating brighter futures’ ambition, with a dynamic ‘h’ and ‘y’ monogram, influenced by isometric drawings of windows and doors, creating a city of brighter, greener Howard Yarnold buildings when repeated for their brand pattern.

Since the launch, Howard Yarnold has broken sales records every month and has increased in size considerably, taking on several new employees across all levels of the business.

“Superstar really got to understand us and our business very quickly, and it’s been such an enjoyable process. The results have really been an inspiration to everyone in the team and it’s such a pleasure that how we see ourselves and what’s unique about us as a business is now accurately reflected to the outside world. Superstars indeed. ”

Ashley Yarnold
Howard Yarnold